Thursday, November 15, 2012

Live and Sailor Moon!

Hi angels!
I found a part of a sweet live made by Secilia Luna  2009.9.7 at MAHOLOVA MINDS MIURA HOTEL
They played Sailor Moon's opening theme ! Yes, Moonlight Densetsu !
I hope you enjoy it!

Halloween and 『SATAN』 Choreography

Hi Angels!!
Today we posted a Halloween's live and review of new single 『SATAN』's Choreography!! Enjoy it!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Rio!

Hi Angels!!
Rio posted a pic of her birthday cake ! It's a chocolate cake!

kawaii desu ne?!

Many fans greeted Rio on Twitter and she tried to answer everybody! It was very nice!
She also changed her avatar on Twitter, take a look! So sweet! This was the Birthday dress!

Live event and new realese

Hi Angels!
Kyoki has invited us to a Live event on November 5th, via Facebook. I know its late but...

Part of his messege

Come on!! (* '∀ `*)
Ikebukuro CYBER 2012/11/05 [Mon]
"Seitansai Rio" Secilia Luna Free one-man live
※ Dress Code: White
OPEN 18:00 START 19:00
Advance tickets £ 0.00 on the day £ 0.00 (¥ 600 different beverage)
Secilia Luna: Cast
Special appearance: VAMPIRE ROSE, rui (Misaruka), Kensaku Kishida (RoViN), firefly (6 → 7)
※ ticket distribution
Secilia Luna-product sales
• The Reserve Band
Ikebukuro CYBER (Q) (TEL :03-3985-5844)
■ limited simultaneous release of three titles venue
2012/10/04 [Thu] New Release
"Spiritual Message" "Lucifer" "SATAN" 500 yen each

Do you remember the "Lucifer"? No? We posted here the preview of new releases.

Rio and Mirai have posted some pics of this Live! Take a look! Looks so warm and animated!!

Mirai new look

Today (11/11) Rio posted other pics! Now with everybody!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Secilia Luna new contacts

Hi Angels!!
Mirai made a Official facebook page

Let's make a new friend? ^.^

Prepared to Halloween

Hi Angels!!
Do you like Halloween? Yes? No? Does matter, I think you will like this!


Hi Angels!
As I was a long time without posting, and this is will be the first, our Newsweek will be a "NewsMonth" XP
Let's begin!

First The Secilia Luna's investigation adventure  by Eju. very funny!

The channel of Secilia Luna on YouTube released at 06.10.2012 pieces of a 3 new songs 『Spiritual Message』,『Lucifer』and『SATAN』. For me they are different ...What do you think about it?

Now, The Secilia Luna's Choreography course by Mirai. Let's dance 『Lucifer』!

Let you comment onegai!